Igniting Dreams.

Igniting dreams.

That's what Lorie Gelsheimer believes in. She helps empower people to lead more fulfilling lives.

She reached out to me to create her new head shot photos. Images that would communicate her warm and caring personality, in a professional yet personal reflection.

I meet so many interesting and unique people as a photographer. Lorie and I have had very interesting and inspiring conversations. She is warm and caring, with an undeniable faith that she allows to lead her through life.

As an Intuitive Guide, Lorie offers intuitive and energy based readings that help people gain insight into their lives, become more energetically balanced, and see their unlimited potential.


She believes that when we have faith and trust in our power, our most incredible dreams can be ignited.

She certainly lives her life this way.

You can read more about Lorie and her services at www.igniteddreams.com. She also has a blog at loriegelsheimer.com