Does Size Matter? - Part 2 - Printing your own photos ?

This is the second in a series of posts to help you understand sizing of digital images. The first post can be found here. This post will focus on printing your lovely photos.

If you think that purchasing high resolution digital images is your best option for printing your photos, think again. There may be some things to understand before making the choice.

If you decide to purchase digital files with the intention to print them yourself (instead of ordering them through the photographer that created the photos for you), they might turn out very nicely. And they might not.

Let me share a story with you. A few weeks ago while visiting a friend of mine, I noticed the artwork that she and her fiancé had hung on the walls of their home. I asked her about them as she had some very unique pieces displayed! When I asked about the canvas wrapped prints I saw, my girlfriend told me that they weren’t happy with them because the company that created them “didn’t do a very good job”.

Hmmm. I took a closer look...

The canvas wasn’t stretched correctly. The corners of the prints were loose and had a “baggy” appearance. Their images didn’t look as impressive as they could have. They had purchased a “deal” online because they thought it was a great idea and would offer them a great money saving deal on what looked like a great product.

They hung the artwork anyways because the images were important to them as a couple. It made their home feel like home because the images were personal to them.

Yet, they aren’t happy with the final product because the quality was poor.

 (Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with online deals. There are some great ones out there! Unfortunately, in this case, it wasn’t so.)

To sum it up…sometimes things like this will happen if you don’t know what to be aware of.

I can tell you from experience that a print ordered from a reputable and professional photographer will exceed in quality from that of any prints ordered from a local photofinishing lab.

Up next…comparing the choices.

Does Size Matter?


When it comes to the size of your photos that is!

This is the first in a series of posts to help you understand sizing in regards to your photos as digital images. They will be as short and sweet and to the point as possible, to help you understand this form of imagery.

If you think that purchasing high resolution files from a recent photo session is your best option, think again. There might be a few things you need to understand about high resolution images before you make that choice.

High resolution images can be large to very large files, and in most cases will be too large to send through email to friends and family members as a collection of images. They need to be resized to smaller images if you want to share them this way.

High resolution images are not needed to share online through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or other image album sharing space. Unless you are concerned about zooming in very close on details, a lower size image is all you need.

High resolution images are used mostly for printing purposes, not online viewing.

Most people who request high resolution images end up using only a few of them for printing photos. The rest of the time they are kept stored on your hard drive, unused.

Is it really worth it for you to have high resolution images alone?

It's like buying a high end camera and using it only in "auto mode".

It's like purchasing a top of the line computer to send emails.

It's like owning all the tools you need to finally finish remodeling your basement, and then hiring a professional to do it for you.

It's like purchasing a $600 pair of shoes that you wear twice a year. (Wait...this is I right ladies?) Scratch that.

Get my point?

The main reason why someone would need high resolution images is for printing or displaying larger sized images. If you think your best option for printing photos is purchasing high resolution images, think again. More in the next post on printing photos...





Show off your photos with a personal accordian brag book!

One of the print products I offer are Accordian Brag books. They are little personalized photo books from your photography session. For yourself as a personal keepsake, as a gift to a loved one, or to just have to show off, these little books are a perfect little keepsake of some of your favorite images from your session!

Comes beautifully presented in its' own little box with ribbon. Presented ready to open or to give to your loved one. 

These brag books can be created for any occasion. An example of a personal boudoir session is show here. These can be created from any type of photography session. 

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sarah :-) 


Bridal and Personal Boudoir photography

Recently, I was privileged to take some beautiful photos of Maddie who wanted some bridal boudoir images mixed in with a personal touch for her session. The light coming through her living room window was bathing her in such a soft romantic light, I was amazed at the results. I love the way light plays in photography. Thank you Maddie for such a wonderful session! Congratulations to you and your sweetheart!

Looking After Your Feet!- The Benefit of Pedicures

Having a pedicure done before your photography session is not only going to leave you with great looking feet, it’s also going to help you to feel good…from the inside…out.

If you’ve ever had a pedicure, you know how great it feels to have them pampered… not to mention the appearance of your feet afterwards, with the freshly manicured nails and polish to make them look fantastic!

When you book your Personal or Bridal Boudoir  or personal photography session with me at Sarah Kelly studios, you have the option to include a pedicure, manicure, or both to your package. Options like this are offered to help you prepare, so that you look and feel your absolute best for your photography session! After all, a Boudoir photography session isn’t something you do every day!

But did you know that having regular pedicures (and manicures for that matter), while helping your feet and hands look their best… also have health benefits?

  • Proper nail care prevents infection and other side effects like ingrown nail growth – through the cutting, shaping and cleaning of the nails.
  • Exfoliation of the skin removes dead skin cells allowing new skin growth, resulting in a smoother appearance. Exfoliation on the feet also prevents calluses from building up, as well as more uncomfortable conditions like bunions and corns.
  • Soaking feet in a warm foot bath (usually given before a pedicure) relaxes and soothes the muscles and tendons in the feet and ankles, helping YOU feel relaxed as a result. It also softens the skin, so exfoliation is easier.
  • Massaging foot baths boost blood circulation in the body, promoting relaxation and relief of tension.
  • The foot and leg massage is probably the best part of a pedicure, because it feels soooo good! Massaging the feet and calves also improves circulation in the body, the application of lotion or oils moisturize the skin, and the massaging releases tension, promotes relaxation and offers stress relief!

Everyone deserves to pamper their feet and hands. Pedicures are for women and men. They’re good for your feet, good for your body and good for your spirit!