Dream Big!

Lovely Michelle. The subject of a late fall image session for her acting and theater performance portfolio.

So young, yet she is one of the most driven, focused and motivated young ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting. Balancing work, school and her passion for the performing arts - dance, theater and acting, makes for a very busy schedule! We managed to find the time to create some images with a "kick" she needed to showcase herself for her portfolio. 


Adding value to your home with Complete Garden Guys.

Your home is one of the most expensive and significant purchases you can make. Having professional landscaping and stonework done in the front, side or back yard of your property not only adds value to your property, but also gives your home a welcome feeling and attractive appearance. If spending money on buying a home is so significant, it seems that the upkeep on the exterior grounds would fall into place naturally.

Complete Garden Guys do exactly this. Two brothers who have worked extremely hard to build a team of professionals to accentuate and polish the outside grounds of your home to make it as welcome and appealing as it can be. Roger and George Dutra are the owners and operators of Complete Garden Guys, and I have had the pleasure of photographing some completed properties that their team had worked at making it most appealing for their clients.

They offer landscaping, garden design and construction for your garden as well as interlocking and natural stonework. I look forward to next season for some more photographing sessions!

Show off your photos with a personal accordian brag book!

One of the print products I offer are Accordian Brag books. They are little personalized photo books from your photography session. For yourself as a personal keepsake, as a gift to a loved one, or to just have to show off, these little books are a perfect little keepsake of some of your favorite images from your session!

Comes beautifully presented in its' own little box with ribbon. Presented ready to open or to give to your loved one. 

These brag books can be created for any occasion. An example of a personal boudoir session is show here. These can be created from any type of photography session. 

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sarah :-) 


Boudoir Photography - For Valentine's Day

You know what I love about doing Boudoir sessions for Valentine’s Day?

Getting to watch you have so much fun!

Fun getting comfortable in front of the camera. Fun going through each pose that is the most flattering for you.  Fun allowing yourself to shine in front of the camera. Getting to know you a little so I can help you have the most amazing time for your session!

It’s a gift for your sweetheart and it’s a gift for yourself. It’s about you. For a day, or an afternoon, or an hour…it’s all about you…and it’s about feeling good about you! It’s about sharing a very personal side of yourself with your sweetheart, enhancing your relationship…and it’s all about the love you have for yourself so you can share this part of you…you may even learn something about yourself through one of these sessions!

It’s all part of planning a perfect day for you and your sweetheart. Preparing for your session is also part of the whole experience. It’s fun, relaxing and helps you get your mind and body ready! There’s many options to choose from…it can be short and sweet or you can plan a whole day and night around this! You could include a manicure, pedicure, refreshing facial, and/or a relaxing massage; have your hair and makeup professionally done for the session; experience the session in a luxurious hotel suite (that you will later enjoy with your significant other!) and you’ll get a few “sneak peeks” of the photographs taken during your Boudoir session sent to you during the evening!

Boudoir photography is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s also fun to spend with friends in a Boudoir party, or even as a Bridal Boudoir party.

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate yourself any time of the year. (More on this later…)

All the pampering that goes into preparing for your session is available through packages I create for you personally, through people who I’ve connected with that offer their hearts passions to the world, with only the best products and personal services for you.

Make this Valentine’s Day special for you, no matter what you do to celebrate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time…:-)