An Unforgettable Valentine's

So....Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

Have you put any thought into what you'll be doing on this day?

It's a great day to celebrate love no matter if you're in a relationship with someone special, or if you are single.

For women, Boudoir Photography is becoming more popular. It's a great way to celebrate yourself! It's a great way to share yourself that with someone special as well. The images created from this type of a photo session are ones you will cherish for years and years to come, as they portray YOU as the beautiful soul you are.

Below are the details of an upcoming Marathon Boudoir I am hosting designed specially for Valentine's Day. It's a day of photo sessions held in one location. Come enjoy some refreshments, bring a friend for support, get pampered and enjoy yourself for an afternoon!

It's a gift for yourself ladies, or a great gift to share with your significant other. Guys, what a great gift to give to your sweetheart! It's a gift that will make the day an unforgettable one!

Here's to love!


01 valentines marathon boudoir 2014.jpg
02 valentines marathon boudoir 2014.jpg