Adding value to your home with Complete Garden Guys.

Your home is one of the most expensive and significant purchases you can make. Having professional landscaping and stonework done in the front, side or back yard of your property not only adds value to your property, but also gives your home a welcome feeling and attractive appearance. If spending money on buying a home is so significant, it seems that the upkeep on the exterior grounds would fall into place naturally.

Complete Garden Guys do exactly this. Two brothers who have worked extremely hard to build a team of professionals to accentuate and polish the outside grounds of your home to make it as welcome and appealing as it can be. Roger and George Dutra are the owners and operators of Complete Garden Guys, and I have had the pleasure of photographing some completed properties that their team had worked at making it most appealing for their clients.

They offer landscaping, garden design and construction for your garden as well as interlocking and natural stonework. I look forward to next season for some more photographing sessions!