Original Hand Drawn Artwork


Realistic pencil drawings are hand drawn using your favorite photos as reference. They are created to inspire you to celebrate and share a special person, story, passion or achievement.

Your favorite people, pets or sentimental subject become the focal point of a unique piece of artwork that will be cherished by you and loved ones for years to come. They are a perfect way to show the people in your life how much they matter, are appreciated and loved.

Each piece tells a bit of your story.

Created as a gift for others, for yourself or as part of a collection, these original portraits are for any occasion that has significance for you.

Learn how you can have an original hand drawn portrait, infused with love and personality, that shares a story for you.


Family and Personal Portraits


Creative photo sessions that focus on you, family and loved ones, and moments to celebrate.

Personal portrait sessions are created to provide you with photos of your favorite people, pets, passions, achievements and celebrations.

(They can be used as reference photos for an original hand drawn portrait, or alone for a memorable collection.)

Sessions are custom created according to your needs, and can include special occasions or events that you are looking forward to celebrating such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday and milestone celebrations, or for any occasion that has significance for you, your family and loved ones.


(Photos created by any professional photographer make excellent reference photos for a hand drawn portrait. A custom hand drawn portrait is a wonderful and unique addition to your photography session and collection.)

Head shots and profiles


Do you own and operate your own small business? Are you an actor, model, musician or artist? Interior designer? Real estate agent? Do you renovate homes, create jewelry, arrange flowers, offer alternative healing services? Work as part of a dynamic team?

No matter what you do, it takes courage, dedication and persistence to build what you love into what serves as your profession. I support that.


At some point, having images that represent who you are and what you offer is becoming more of a necessity, especially if you have a website, attend trade shows or represent your profession online.

Represent yourself, your business, talents and passions through creative and unique images that will help you brand who you are and what you do. Whether you need a few photographs, or photographs taken regularly to showcase your completed products and works, taking the time to have professional images created will result in an impressive way to send your message to others, and aid in the success and growth of your business.

Market your image for growth, with impressive images that will help you stand out, and showcase your passions with pizzazz.


Media Portfolio creation - models, actors, performance artists

Are you a performance artist that needs images to showcase your character, talents and personality for your agent, venues or web space? Showcase your talent areas with attention grabbing head shots, media profiles, and portfolio creations.  For musicians, actors, artists and anyone in the performance or visual arts industries.


Bridal and Personal Boudoir


Both Bridal Boudoir and Personal Boudoir photography sessions for women are offered. I help you to experience a fun, inspiring and unforgettable experience. A memorable and intimate gift that you can share with your loving partner.


For more information please contact me with your request.


Real Estate - interior and exterior photography, virtual tours and Floor Plans


Bring your listings to life!

Impress your potential property buyers with a map of the property,  layout of rooms and measurements through the new addition of interactive floor plan creations.  Available for Realtors in the Mississauga, Brampton and Etobicoke areas.

With photography services, virtual tours and new interactive floor plans, the team at Agent Tours offers a reliable and integrative platform to host and showcase your current listings.  Delivering high quality customer service, professional services and easily integrated marketing tools to help promote your current listings. 


Other areas available. Click here to find your area's representative team.  Agent tours is a team proudly offering excellent service and high quality products.

If you already access and use a platform to showcase properties for sale, lease or rent, real estate photography services are available. Individual and monthly rates for easily adding impressive images that will help sell your properties.