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 Original artwork

Original artwork

 Business Head Shots

Business Head Shots

 Real Estate and business profiles

Real Estate and business profiles

 Personal Portraits and profiles

Personal Portraits and profiles

If you've been looking for a way to celebrate that special person with a gift as unique as they are, you've found the right place.


If you're ready to take the next step to showcase, market and brand your business,  image, passion and talents, help is here.


Custom pencil artwork


Realistic pencil drawings created from favorite photographs and hand drawn by Sarah Kelly. A perfect way to show the people in your life how much they matter, are appreciated and loved.

Created to help you celebrate and share a special person, story or achievement.


Learn more about how you can have an original hand drawn portrait infused with love and personality, that celebrates a story for you.                           

Head shots and profiles


Represent yourself, your business, talents and passions through creative and unique images that will help you brand who you are and what you do.

For your small business, professional profile and portfolio.

Update your business head shot, media or business profile, real estate virtual tours, new and completed projects, products, and your available services.

Market your image for growth, with impressive images that will help you stand out, and showcase your passions with pizzazz.


Personal Portraits


Creative photo sessions that focus on you, your interests and personality.

For special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and milestone events, or for any occasion that has meaningful significance for you.



"I highly recommend Sarah for any of your photography needs. She took her time to make sure I received the best quality pictures with my most genuine smile. She had a knack for choosing the right lighting to capture my most youthful look. The best part was the beautiful and friendly conversation we had which sparked a feeling of passion with my life's journey. She has a beautiful uplifting personality that made it easy for a joyful spirit to shine through. By the end of our photo session, I felt excited. I knew I had chosen the right person with a special talent to do my photos. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with such a personal touch." -Lorie Gelsheimer - April 2016



"I recommend Sarah as a photographer who takes time to get it right. She is highly skilled and very patient. She took so many great shots that it was hard to make the final choices. Although it took a little longer for me to decide, she never lost her professional sweet approach. Thanks Sarah." Jan A., Oakville May 2016



Sarah Kelly is a photographer and portrait artist based in Oakville, ON. Her creative services are available in the Oakville and surrounding Toronto area, with artwork available across the globe. Learn more about her services and artwork here.